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Great Places (GP)

Great places are known for their unique character that is defined by the built and natural environment. Preserving, enhancing, and strengthening these places is a critical element of the Comprehensive Plan. This chapter provides guidance for Wabash County’s physical development within the communities, preservation of agricultural land, and protection of natural resources and features. It addresses strategies for supporting main streets, efficient land distribution and use, physical connections between areas, and community experiences around historic, cultural, and natural assets.


A range of diverse and beautiful environments – thriving town centers, productive agricultural lands, verdant natural spaces – that, collectively, define Wabash County.


  1. Strengthen the efficient use of developed and undeveloped land.
  2. Enhance community character through the built environment.
  3. Embrace rivers in city and town development.
  4. Sustain agriculture as a critical part of the county’s identity.
  5. Celebrate unique community experiences through attractions and amenities.
  6. Ensure physical connections within and between communities.


  • Land Use
  • Development
  • Agriculture
  • Natural Resources and Parks
  • Historic and Archaeological Resources
  • Placemaking