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Wabash County Broadband Task Force

The COVID-19 Pandemic revealed the importance of internet connectivity for both education and work and the discrepancies with the current infrastructure network. As an essential utility for the county, priority should be placed on rural areas with communities that are underserved in this respect. Additionally, the availability of high speed internet can assist in attracting businesses considering locating in the County. Ensuring communities and specifically employment centers have access to high-speed internet will provide an additional asset for attracting and retaining emerging businesses.

The Wabash County Commissioners in partnership with Imagine One 85 and Grow Wabash County have launched the Wabash County Broadband Task Force. This is the first step in fulfilling Imagine One 85’s initiative in significantly expanding access to high-speed broadband.The Task Force will consist of representatives and experts from area economic development and business groups, broadband service providers, elected officials, and other community leaders committed to deploying fast, reliable broadband access to all Wabash County residents and businesses.

The Wabash County Broadband Task Force recently had its first meeting to discuss broadband resources and its goals/plans to close the digital divide in the community. These resources can be found under the Broadband tab on this website that serves as an information hub for residents and businesses, along with hosting the Wabash County Speed Test. The Task Force will also serve as a working group to leverage state and federal broadband grant opportunities to speed up broadband deployment countywide.