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Prosperity (PR)

Prosperity, both personal and community, is a core element of the Comprehensive Plan. Wabash County’s economy is dependent on fostering a strong entrepreneurial spirit that attracts growing industries and a talented workforce. This chapter emphasizes the economic advantages the county and its communities can leverage to grow its industrial portfolio, support educational and professional development, and advance the local economy. The strategies identified will ensure that the communities of Wabash County achieve a strong and sustainable future.


A strong and growing network of communities built through their commitment to competitive and lifelong education, support for entrepreneurs and local businesses, and investment into bold projects and initiatives. 


  1. Provide support for local entrepreneurs of all ages.
  2. Encourage continued growth of the county’s industrial areas.
  3. Elevate an environment to develop, attract, and retain talent.
  4. Advocate for improving personal prosperity, health, and safety.
  5. Maintain a fiscally strong economy. 


  • Economic Development 
  • Fiscal Health and Resiliency
  • Education
  • Public Health