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About Imagine One 85

Imagining a bold, comprehensive plan for the communities of Wabash County.

What is Imagine One 85?

Imagine One 85 is an unprecedented countywide collaboration to develop a bold, comprehensive plan for the growth and prosperity of the communities of Wabash County.

Together, residents and leaders will create a plan that addresses the population challenge—and articulates a long-range vision for quality of life, growth, land use, education, environment, economic development, transportation, recreation and public health—in a sustainable, results-oriented and measurable way.

We believe this is the most important work currently happening in the communities of Wabash County. Why?

This plan represents our best opportunity to address the needs and aspirations of anybody and everybody, any business and every business, and any institution and every institution.

When you see an opportunity to participate in Imagine One 85, we hope you will join enthusiastically—and prepare to claim your share of the pride when our population curve bends upward.

Get Involved!

Here’s how you can make a difference, contribute to the plan and make your voice heard.

Soon, we’ll be announcing the second round of our public engagement sessions. In the meantime:

1) Complete our Community Survey
2) Check out our most recent news post, and
3) Share with your friends!

Your input is critical to the plan’s success! Sign up to learn more.

Who is leading this work?

We encourage and welcome all who care about the future of our county and its communities to participate in this unique initiative. Stakeholders, citizens, neighborhoods, businesses, nonprofits and institutions—everyone’s input is critical to the comprehensive plan, and we all have a role in this process.

Leadership Team

Process Leadership and Management

Steering Committee

Substance Development and Process Guidance

Outreach Team

Engagement Promotion and Participation Delivery


(including Youth, Adults and Seniors)

General Input, Feedback and Insight


(including Business, Education, Healthcare and Nonprofits)

Targeted Input

City / County Staff

Local Knowledge and Technical Data

Elected Officials

Plan Adoption and Monitoring


Process Facilitation and Technical Expertise

Timeline for Imagine One 85

This planning process was launched in July 2020, and is anticipated to last 14 months. Implementation will be ongoing. Bold ideas, broad community engagement and good technical work will create the foundation for a resilient and fiscally sound future.