Help spread the word about the Growth Summit!

The materials below are designed to help you in your efforts to share the Imagine One 85 Growth Summit on July 14. Thank you for supporting this effort to create a comprehensive plan for growth and prosperity.

Email Messages and Social Media Posts

These scripts can be used for sending emails or posting on social media. The images below should be used with posts to Facebook or Instagram. Click here for stock message that are pre-written for convenience. 
Emails and Social Media Posts can be very effective. Consider sending out a message today and tell your friends why you're attending the Summit!!

Imagine One 85 Growth Summit Flyer

This is a letter-sized PDF which can be attached to emails or printed for distribution. It contains an introduction to Imagine One 85 and all the details needed for people to understand the upcoming events.

Virtual Backgrounds

These are two Imagine One 85 branded backgrounds for use during virtual meetings. Download these backgrounds from the website and upload them to your platforms such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams.

Imagine One 85 Logo

The process logo is provided in two formats and can be used in social media posts, email signatures, newsletters, or email blasts.

Who will you invite?

The most effective means of delivering people to the Imagine One 85 process is by making a personal connection and a personal invitation. Help fill in the Outreach Database below to let the Planning Team know who you will plan to reach out to.

Outreach Database

If there are items you would like to add to the page or have questions about, please contact Kyle May at or fill out the form below.

Outreach Team Form