Save the date and ready your MIGHTY Ideas!

The Imagine One 85 Growth Summit is your opportunity to help envision the future of the communities of Wabash County.

Over the last six months, our communities began a process to take charge of our future because we’re being left behind. Over the last four decades, Wabash County’s population has declined 14%. Meanwhile, the 11-county northeast Indiana region has grown more than 26%. Our loss in population threatens our education system, industry and job growth, property value and quality of life. But we have a choice … 

Imagine One 85 is a once-in-a-generation opportunity to create a bold plan for our future that inspires residents, preserves our unique communities, and is built from MIGHTY ideas. And if you care about the future of our county, you’re invited. We need your input, insight and feedback to develop this plan. Make plans to attend the Growth Summit and join the movement! 

The Imagine One 85 Growth Summit

Wednesday, July 14, 6 to 8PM*

Honeywell Center Plaza
275 West Market Street
Wabash, Indiana 46992

*Food trucks and entertainment starting at 4:30PM

Why should you attend the summit?

The Growth Summit will be one part edu-tainment, one part community conversation. With a mix of local entertainment, great food, and important discussions, the Growth Summit will be a unique opportunity for our community. But why should you be there? Well…

You care about the future of your community

No matter where you live around Wabash County, there are undoubtedly things you love about your community. Join Imagine One 85 as we work together to strengthen and grow these great qualities.

You have mighty ideas

Whether you realize it or not, you have great ideas to improve the quality of place, life, and opportunity around your community. At the growth summit we'll work together to capture all of these mighty ideas!

Imagine One 85 needs you

Without your perspective, this plan will fall short. Your intuition, perspective, and lived experience will help us develop a plan that is strong and effective. We simply can't do this without you. We need you.

This is the start of something big!

We're not just building a plan. Imagine One 85 is a movement. We're interested in growth in all its forms, not just physical. We have so much potential, through this plan we can start to realize these opportunities.

It's going to be fun!

The summit will include the best of Wabash County. There will be great music, great speakers, and (most important) some great food! Come have a great time while you help move Wabash County forward.

Register Today!

Registration for the Summit is not required, but will help the planning team prepare for the event. All Imagine One 85 events follow strict safety guidelines provided by the Indiana State Department of Health.

Growth Summit Registration Form
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More Questions Answered

What are the safety precautions related to COVID-19?
All Imagine One 85 events will follow strict safety guidelines provided by the Indiana State Department of Health. Even while cases are decreasing and the vaccinations are up in the county, Imagine One 85 is committed to protecting all participants and will accomodate all reasonable requests.

Who is invited to the Summit?
Anyone who cares about the future of Wabash County and its communities is invited to participate.

Do I need to be an expert to contribute?
Absolutely not! By living, working, or raising a family in Wabash County, you know so much about this community. Your intuition is vital to the Plan’s success. Whether you’re just moving to the community or a fourth-generation life-long resident, your perspective is important.

How will my input be used?
When you contribute an idea to the Imagine One 85, you are contributing directly to the Comprehensive Plan. Depending on when you get involved, your ideas could serve as the foundation for the community’s vision statement, contribute to one of the Plan’s goals, inspire a specific action (like a new project, policy, or program), or set the course for implementation. Each comment will be recorded, databased, categorized, and analyzed by the Planning Team. This process will be documented in summary memos after each engagement round.

Are kids invited?
For sure! Depending on their age, kids can join in on the group discussions or participate in their own activities. Don’t forget, they’ll inherit the decisions we make, why shouldn’t they be involved in the process?

Have more questions? Check out the overall project FAQ’s on the About page or through the link below.

Help spread the word!

Join the community-wide outreach effort and help other friends and friends of friends learn about the Growth Summit. Check out the link below for a full suite of publicity tools and messages.

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